School Policies, SEN&D and Safeguarding Portfolio

Policies are the method by which our Governing Body communicates its aims and objectives to staff, parents and pupils. They are the framework for decision-making and action. Policies and procedural documents are reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body according to a regular rolling programme. Please see the links to current policies below, or contact Mrs Rowlatt if you require further information. All policies and procedures are available as paper copies on request.

If your child is poorly: Contact the school office before 9.30am. If your child has been sick or has diarrhoea, they should stay off school for 48 hours to reduce the risk of infection spreading. Please see guidance from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) on exclusion periods for common illnesses.

Statutory Policies/procedures

All our statutory policies are amended from DCC/Local Authority guidance

 Redundancy Policy.pdfDownload
 Schools-data-breach-procedure Mar 2019.pdfDownload
 Statement of Financial Roles and Responsibilities - September 2018.pdfDownload
 Teacher Appraisal Policy 03 09 18.pdfDownload
 Teachers Pay Policy.pdfDownload
 Use of Mobile Phones Policy Feb 19.pdfDownload
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Non-Statutory Policies/procedures:

 Marking and Feedback policy.pdfDownload
 Music policy Jan 2019.pdfDownload
 Nurture Group Policy.pdfDownload
 Offsite Visits Policy - Sept 18.docDownload
 PE Policy Mar 18.docDownload
 Phonics Policy.pdfDownload
 Photographic Images of Children policy.pdfDownload
 PPA Policy Mar 18.docDownload
 School Food policy.pdfDownload
 school visitors policy and procedures June 19.pdfDownload
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Keeping Children Safe in Education

Our schools follow the Derbyshire Local Authority Safeguarding Portfolio of policies and procedures (see below). Please follow this link:

Follow this link to contact the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board 

The Designated Senior Person responsible for Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead is Mrs J Poyser, Head teacher, and, in her absence, Mrs E Blenkinsop (senior teacher) or Mrs H Marriott (class teacher).

Starting Point - is the single point of access and for making a referral for children and their families in Derbyshire.

Key Documents:

Keeping Children Safe in Education (Sept2018)  

Keeping Children safe in Education Part 1 (Sept2018)

Working together to Safeguard Children (2018)

Guidance for safer working with children

Safeguarding Portfolio Documents:

 Positive behaviour support policy Sept 18.pdfDownload
 PSHE policy Jan 2019.pdfDownload
 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2018 Oct.pdfDownload
 Safer Working Practice and Code of Conduct Policy.pdfDownload
 Supporting Children with Medical Needs Feb 19.pdfDownload
 Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.pdfDownload
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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEN&D):

Supporting each and every child within our Federation is of the utmost importance to us. Occasionally some children need a little extra help to meet their needs.

Our experienced staff are supported by Mrs J Poyser, our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO). Mrs Poyser's role is to work alongside parents, pupils, staff and outside agencies in order to ensure that the needs of the all pupils are addressed.

Our policy for supporting children with special educational needs can be found on our School Policies page. If you have any concerns about your child please do not hesitate to talk with your class teacher.

Local Offer

As part of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms, all local authorities were required to publish a Local Offer. This sets out in one place information about education, health and social care provision for children and young people in their area who have SEN or are disabled.

You can access Derbyshire County Council's Local Offer at