Hawthorn class

Mrs Marriott teaches the Year 2 class at Wirksworth Infant School. We work very closely with our friends in Sycamore classes.

Mrs Marriott is also the Federation's SENDCo and is assigned dedicated non-contact time to fulfill this role. To provide continuity for the children, our experienced HLTA, Mrs Wanford, teaches Hawthorn class on Mondays and Thursdays, in partnership with Mrs Marriott.

Hawthorn classroom is a large, airy space in the main building. 

Our topic this half term is Dinosaurs and we all enjoyed our walk to the Stone Centre looking for fossils. We spotted lots in the stones. We learnt that Wirksworth used to a lagoon and there was a volcano in Matlock!

Another fantastic Science lesson finding out what plastic bottle would be better to hold Tomato ketchup. There was a big difference in how far we could squirt the water!

All the Year 2s across the Federation joined together to learn about fossils from Richard a geologist.  He came to school as a STEM advisor. 

"There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza"

We explored which material would be best to plug the hole in our buckets.

Would cotton wool be better than newspaper or a tea towel?

We learnt about Autumn, drew around a leaf template and then wrote something we are thankful for. Together they are our class Autumn Poem.

We learnt about Mary Anning during our topic of Dinosaurs. She discovered the first Ichthyosaur on Lyme Regis beach. We used art straws to make an Ichthyosaur and we wrote books about Mary Anning.

Our display shows our wonderful work.

Hawthorn tree with berries
Hawthorn tree with berries

We have been learning about materials in Science and we loved our experiments about the properties of different materials, especially wood.

In Art we have been learning about Henri Rousseau. We have looked at different Rousseau paintings. Everyone painted different leaves by mixing paint to explore making different colours. We created our own jungle then made a mask of an animal that may be hiding in the jungle. Our inspiration was the painting Surprised! 

We had a great time playing dodgeball at Anthony Gell Leisure Centre on 5th October. We were playing against ourselves and teams from Church of England Year 2 class.

Having lots of fun on our Sense of Adventure day. We planted bulbs to take home to see them grow in the Spring. We also drew leaves and apples on 10 pebbles to make our own Tic Tac Toe game

We had a busy morning planting Spring bulbs around school in the planters and gardens.

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We explored which material would be best for a car ramp. We tried different ones and decided the shiny smooth ones were the fastest.

In Music we learned to play the notes G, A and C on chime bars and glockenspiels so that we could accompany the song.

We had a great lesson with Mrs Wanford learning to play the hand bells in Muisc

One of our class brought in their box of treasures to share with everyone. We all enjoyed looking at the different fossils and gems.

We love our independent creative area in the classroom. We worked with a friend to make a wonderful Jungle in a Box after learning about Henri Rousseau. 

What a fantastic day where everyone took part in Sponsored Circuits. We were the last class to go and the total of circuits was 880!! We all had a great time and some wanted to do more!!