Ash Class 2018

Drumming - we had a fantastic session drumming with the children from the WI Infant School.  We were all very enthusiastic!

Orienteering - as part of our Healthy Living Day on Thursday we went to the park and experienced Orienteering.   Afterwards we had our playtime there.  It was lots of exercise and lots of fun! 

White Post Farm visit.  Today we went to White Post Farm to look at the farm animals and their babies.  We had a lovely time; we handled little pets, calves, lambs and looked at the minibeast corner. We fed animals outside and had a little play on the park.   It was a lovely day!

What a lovely day we have had today for Shrove Tuesday.  We had an Assembly where we helped make pancakes, followed by a tasting session to find our favourite topping. After lunch we looked at other citrus fruits and had pancake races.  We all had such fun!   We even got our Mums, Dads and gGandparents to have a go at the races. 

A Winter Walk - today we went on a walk to look for signs of winter.  We had to dress up in our warm clothes as it was a cold day and on our walk found very few things to take pictures of.  When we came back to school we talked about there being no leaves/ no flowers/ no animals in the field and we could say this was because of the cold weather and knew things will change when the weather warms up. 

Reindeer Ramble - today we went on a treasure hunt and found 'Santa!!!!'

Wheel and Balance Festival

Today we had a wonderful afternoon at Anthony Gell School playing games to help with leg muscle power and learned how to pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount our bikes.  We had a lovely time.  


Remembrance.......Today we walked to the Memorial Gardens and found out that the poppy is a sign of remembrance.

Diwali...... we celebrated Diwali by colouring and making Rangoli patterns, Diva lamps and acting out the story of Rama and Sita.

Autumn Walk 

Today was a beautiful day to go searching for autumn changes.  We found many bare trees, acorns, sycamore seeds and colourful leaves. 

Teddy Bear Picnic.

Today we made teddy bear biscuits and decorated them.  We enjoyed eating them at our Teddy Bear Picnic.