Oak Class

Winter Walk

Today we have been for a lovely 'Winter Walk'.

It was a perfect day for it. It had snowed in the night and we were all very excited.

Spring 1 2017

This term we will begin by thinking about making

' New Years Resolutions' and considering things we can become  better doing!!!

We will continue to think about the seasons and have a 'Winter Walk' planned for early in the term.

Our main topic this term will be 'Dinosaurs'. We will find out about different types of Dinosaurs, what they eat and what they look like and we will enjoys lots of Dinosaur stories.  

Christmas Concert

Today we a very exciting day as we had  

our Christmas Carol Concert in St Mary's Church. We all looked amazing and our singing was beautiful. It was a very special time for us all.

It is great fun preparing for Christmas.

We have been making mince pies, tasting Christmas pudding, making decorations and much, much more!

It is a very busy time of year in school!!  

Autumn  1

During this term we will be making new friends, finding out about the people in our school and learning to feel confident in our new class. For the first few weeks we will be learning about 'Ourselves'.  After this our topic will be about

 'People  Help Us'.

We are Oak Class.

Healthy Living Days

We have been thinking about how to keep healthy. As part of our 'Healthy Living' days we have made funny fruit faces, played parachute games, sorted foods on the computer into 'Healthy' and 'Unhealthy' groups and enjoyed exercise and being outdoors whilst taking part in our assault course.     

Today we have been looking for farm animals with our friends from the C of E Infant school

Summer 1 2016

On The Farm

This term we will be learning about 'Farm Animals'. We will learn about adult animals and their babies. We will listen to stories about farm animals, learn some new songs and create our own song based on ' Old McDonald had a farm'. We will also have lots of fun planning and creating a small world farm to use in our classroom.

Spring Time

Today we have been for a walk. We have been looking for signs of Spring.

Zoo Lab came to visit and we looked at some very different creatures!!! It was very exciting!

We have had lots of fun designing and making 'Very Hungry Caterpillar Fruit Kebabs'

Spring 2 2016

Our topic for this term is 'Minibeasts.'

 We will learn about lots of different 'Minibeasts' and where they like to live.

We will go for a 'Minibeast Hunt' and see what we can find!!

We will share stories about 'Minibeasts' and create pictures in different ways. We will also learn about how to look after small creatures and how we can help to create habitats for them to live in. During this term we will have the opportunity to watch the life cycle of the butterfly as we .... grow our own butterflies!!!

It's going to be an exciting and busy 4 weeks!!!

Visit to Wirksworth Library

Today we went to the library it was fantastic fun!! We listened to stories and selected a book to take home!!

In our RE work we have been thinking about how we can help to make the world a nicer place. Today we have been planting some bulbs to bring some beautiful coloured flowers into our world.

As part of our topic 'People Who Help Us' we have looked at the work of an optician. We pretended to be an optician, make some glasses and spent time exploring different coloured transparencies.

Pancake Day!!!

We have tasted pancakes and had some Pancake Day races!!

It was a fantastic day!!!

Today we have joined with our friends at the C of E Infant School to celebrate 'Chinese New Year'. We had a lovely time ...making a Chinese Dragon, tasting food and then taking part in a Chinese Dragon dance through the school!

As part of our topic about 'People Who Help Us' we visited the Fire Station in Wirksworth.

We had an amazing time, looking at the fire engine, trying out the hoses and even meeting a very special 'Fire Dog'!!!!

We have been for a 'Wonderful Winter Walk' with our friends from the C of E Infant School.  

We looked for signs of Winter and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Today we have all had a delicious Christmas dinner.

We pulled crackers, told jokes and listened Christmas music. We had even made our very own Christmas placements.  

Today we went on a 'Reindeer Ramble'

and met a very important person!!!

Christmas is fast approaching. 

We have had fun listening to the story of the Nativity and then acting it out using props.

You shall go to the ball.... but before you go you will need a carriage!!!

We made carriages as part of our work relating to the story of Cinderella and then ......

 we had a ball with our friends from the C of E Infant School. It was a  so much fun!  

Spain Day

Today we have found out about Spain. We have tried different foods and made flags.  

Children In Need

We brought our pennies into school and had fun placing them on Pudsey Bear!!!

 We also made some spotty biscuits to enjoy with our friends.

This term we will be exploring the topics of Bonfire Night,  Fairy Tales and Christmas.  

We will compare different versions of the same fairy story and retell and act out the stories, whilst developing our awareness of performance and audience.

It was very exciting today ... Prince Charles Visited Wirksworth.

We made flags and waved and cheered!!! 

Today we have joined with our friends at the C of E Infants for a Dinosaur Party. At our party we have made clay models, played outside, made some yummy Dinosaur Dung! and danced to some Dinosaur music.

We all had a lovely time!!  

As part of our work relating to Harvest time, we have listened to the story of The Little Red Hen.

We have had great fun making bread.

We have been thinking about birthdays

We have made lots of new friends

Our First Day At School

As part of our Seaside Topic we have enjoyed working with our friends to build sandcastles.  

In the Summer term all the children met up to enjoy a pirate party.  We enjoyed playing pirate games and playing together in the sunshine.

We have enjoyed two 'Healthy Living' days.

We  went for a Pirate Treasure Hunt,

made fruit smoothies and used the balanced bikes.

We enjoyed a lovely day at Whitepost Farm.

We enjoyed finding out about Holland. 

We explored the power of wind, things which float and sink and compared the taste of a popular Dutch and English cheeses.

We found out about Vincent Van Gogh and painted a windmill in his style.

For Mother's Day we met our friends from the C  of E school to make a card and a gift for our mums.These pictures show us working together.

Mrs Birch and Miss Brooks

Reception class


Autumn 1  2014

Ourselves and People Who Help Us

We will begin this term by thinking about 'Ourselves'. We will paint pictures  of ourselves and our friends and talk about the things we like to do. We will spend time making new friends and finding out about their families.

Later in the term we will begin to learn about 'People who help us'. As part of the topic we will find out about the people who help us in school and those who help us in the community.


Starting school it great fun!!!