We have been dancing round the maypole.

As part of our Healthy Living Day we made healthy sandwiches for snack time and took part in Yoga.

 We had a day learning about being safe on our bikes.

Look at our lovely displays.

 We have been learning about farms. We looked at different types of animal food. Silage was very smelly!! 

We tasted different types of milk to see which we liked best.

                  We had a super hero day.

It is World Book Day. Look at our costumes.

We found a helmet, some space boots and a rocket and went to the moon. We had a picnic on the moon before returning to school.

Mix a pancake, Stir a pancake, Pop it in a pan. They were delicious!!

We have been exploring magnetism.

We all went to church for a Christingle service.

Do you like our moon buggies?

We are making a 'MOONSCAPE' for our moon buggies.

We have been learning about halves and quarters. We cut our cakes into quarters and then ate them.

Look at our lovely displays for our SPACE topic.

We made fruit rockets. They were delicious!

Our topic is SPACE. We have made spaceships from junk. Can you spot the astronaut?

We had our dress rehearsal today for our Nativity. Look at our lovely costumes.

Our topic has been Fairy Tales this term.

We enjoyed working together to make a tree decoration for our Winter Wonderland.

We all painted a poppy on a pebble and then took them to the war memorial in Wirksworth. We put them on the ground in a wreath shape.

We are learning to recognise coins.

We celebrated World Food Day when we tasted foods from around the world.

We made a moving dinosaur picture using a slider mechanism.

On Friday 29th September we went on our Autumn walk to the Star Disc. Here we celebrated harvest.

We have been looking at the vegetables growing in our school garden. We harvested them.

We made foaming dinosaurs in Science using fairy liquid, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

                     Look at our displays on dinosaurs.                 

Our Autumn Topic is Dinosaurs. We visited the Stone Centre to find out all about fossils. We found lots of different fossils in the rocks and cast fossils of our own.

Look at our Year in Beech Class 2017 / 2018

We have been weighing different things to see how much they weigh.

We have been practising reading scales. We measured in millilitres and litres.

We enjoyed trying lots of different sports with everyone in our schools.

We made boats and tested them in the water. We used wind power to make them move.

Some children in our class played their violins in a special concert. They were brilliant.

We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and had a great day. We saw lots of animals.

As part of our Healthy Living Day we went orienteering.

Our topic is pirates. We made pirate ships with a pulley to hoist the sail. We have been learning about famous pirates.

In Science we made foaming monsters when we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Our finished Well Dressing looks lovely. It shows our school rules.

We have been decorating our well dressing with natural materials.

Look at our lovely displays.

We enjoyed our visit to Wirksworth library. Angela read some lovely stories to us and we chose our own book to take home.

 Do you like our carnival costumes?

We made a mask and decorated it.

Snowy the cade lamb came to visit us.

We enjoyed making Easter nests.

We have had eggs in school which have hatched. Look at our lovely chicks.

We went on a lovely Spring Walk.

We enjoyed Pancake Day. We made pancakes, we tasted pancakes with different toppings and we had pancake races.

We have been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and have designed and made our own flying machines.

Look at our flying machines. Do they look like our designs?

We had a special visitor to our school.

We enjoyed our Christmas Party.

Look at our wonderful costumes for our  Christmas performance.

We enjoyed making mince pies.

Look at our lovely displays.

We have been learning about Diwali and have made clay divas.

We have been reading 'The Rabbit who stole the fire'.

We made masks and dramatised the story.

Take a look at some of our classroom displays for the Autumn term.

As part of our topic Fire and Ice we visited Wirksworth Fire Station.

We created a rain dance. Do you like our moves and shapes?

We went on a Harvest Walk to the Star Disc.

We are using cubes to measure different objects.

We are baking flapjack to sell at our Harvest Sale.

2016 Year 1 Class

We are called Beech class. This is  our 2016/ 2017 Year 1 class.

We are enjoying our P.E lesson.

Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Celebrations, Thursday 9th June 2016.

What a fantastic day of activities at St Mary's church. The children have made maundy money, decorated prayer boxes, drawn royal images, sung and danced and listened to fantastic stories told by David Truby.

Our Well Dressing week has been great fun..........The children have puddled the clay, selected a range of natural materials to create our 'Down on the farm' memory of a cow and carefully finished both our class well dressing and individual clays to take home.

On our Friendship Day we painted pictures together and made friendship bracelets. We decorated the classroom with friendship chains and a friends quilt.

  HAPPY SHOES DAY  was part of Travel Smart Week.

The Healthy Living Days were filled with fun activities. The children enjoyed Tree Spotting in the park in the beautiful sunshine and tried out their climbing and balancing skills on the play equipment. The children shared and expanded their knowledge of road safety and showed their great balancing ability on the bikes. They have created some wonderful trees using cotton buds and paint and can now name the main parts of a tree, including the trunk, bark, roots, bud and blossom.

We had a wonderful Farm Day at Wirksworth Infant School on Friday 29th April and learnt all about 'Life on a Dairy Farm.' Mrs Matkin showed us some fabulous videos of her farm and the children enjoyed activities involving the journey of milk, looking at different animal foods and making pancakes with Mrs B !!

During our R-Time sessions, the children have enjoyed trying to make a snake out of play dough using only one hand and had a super fashion show parading around wearing their newspaper scarves.

Our Summer 1 topic is 'Down on the Farm.' The children are beginning to explore our new role play area and are enjoying feeding the animals and cleaning out their habitats !!

We have ended our Spring 2 term with a wonderful Easter service at the church. The children sang beautifully, proudly showed off their art work and waved their palm leaves to 'The Donkey Trotting Through The town.'

Easter Day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The children made colourful bird boxes, planted a seed of their choice, decorated and wrote a prayer for their individual prayer box and creatively made an Easter badge ready for the whole school church service on Thursday.

Sports Relief Day on Friday 18th March saw the children step the height of the Eiffel Tower and back down again. After a super warm up to 'Superman' they eagerly stepped up to the challenge.

The children were extremely brave and had a fantastic morning with Zoolab. They held a giant millipede, Sizzle the snake, along with a cockroach and bearded

dragon !!

Our Julia Donaldson World Book day on Thursday 3rd March was a great day. The children were dressed in fantastic costumes, from scarecrows, to witches and mermaids !!

Spring 2 brought the arrival of the lovely Mini-beasts. The children have enjoyed hunting for the different types of mini-beasts in our school grounds and have been recording the data on tally charts and bar graphs !!

Shrove Tuesday, Yummy Pancake Day ………………..Mrs Blenkinsop made some great pancakes during Assembly. We had a great time tasting them with different toppings. Then we took our pancakes for a race and cheered everybody along.

We had a Space Day at Wirksworth Infant School with all the Year 1 and 2 classes across the Federation. We played Moon football and made Moon landscapes and Aliens. We created a rocket flying over the Moon !!

We visited the  National Space Centre in Leicester and had a fantastic day. We took Harry our class toy dog with us. Can you see him in the photographs?

Look at our lovely 'SPACE' classroom displays.

We had a lovely time listening to stories and sharing books when we visited Wirksworth Library.

These are some of our class displays.

Here we are sorting objects into heavy or light.

We have made Christmas puddings and and star shaped biscuits.


We have been on our 'Reindeer Ramble'. We followed a trail of baubles and tinsel to the wood. In the wood we saw dancing reindeer and Santa himself.



  We have been learning about ordinal numbers. We had races to see who was first, second and third. Our team races were great fun.



We have been looking at fairy stories. Here we are acting one out.




We walked up Old Lane and found lots of signs of Autumn.



We walked to the Stone Centre. At the Stone Centre we looked for fossils in the rocks and even made our made our own fossils.

Mrs Birch and Mrs Essex's Y1 class


Our new Class
Our new Class

Here we are performing our dinosaur dance.